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5 Easy Steps To Solar For Your Home 

1.Initial Consultation

Installing Solar is a big deal. Seriously! So we suggest an initial meeting or phone call to go over some basics, and see if we can answer your basic questions.

2.On-Site Visit

Our purpose in the initial consultation is to get the project in the ball park. Once you are comfortable with this, and know pretty much what you are getting into, we still need to see the home, the attic and electrical panels. We need to do a roof inspection, and check a few other structural components as well.
Together, we will verify the initial computer layout of panels on your roof.

3.System Design, Engineering & Permitting

From this point, we take all of our info, and prepare the required documents. The process of engineering and permitting with the City/County is a lot of work. But don’t worry, we handle everything for you. Ditto for the Utility Company Interconnect paperwork.
Once this package is complete, we can provide a copy of this package for your HOA if required. During this time, we will keep you posted on all of the incremental progress with emails and phone calls.


After the permitting phase is complete, we will contact you to set up the actual install date. We normally plan for the job to be completed within 2 days.
Prior to the install date, the job supervisor will have discussed the logistics of the install process. Where we need to load materials, place ladders, where YOU will need to park your cars. We want the install process to go smoothly, and safely for your family and our crew as well.
SPECIAL NOTE: Please let us know if anyone in your household has special needs that we can work around.

5.Start Saving & Enjoy the Solar!

OK! Now your system is installed. We will call for the County Inspection, and will make sure you are satisfied to this point.
We want to turn our construction zone back into your home again, and will make sure that the entire project is back in great shape. Neat and Clean, all trash and debris will be cleaned up, should look like we have never been there.
We will go over the system with you, to explain the components and how it works. Then, once the inspection is passed, we will set up for the utility interconnection process. This can take additional time, but normally is about a week. Once the new meter is installed, we will initialize the system, and install the monitoring app for your phone/computer.
Finally, just sit back and enjoy decades of solar savings!


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