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Solar PV

Grid Tied Systems

Grid Tied Systems are the most prevalent and affordable solar PV systems on the market. In this system, the energy your system produces is fed through your home first. Any additional energy the system produces is fed back to your local utility company and they credit you on your electric bill for the excess energy that is produced. If you produce more than you consume, in most instances, you carry a credit over to your next bill.

Off Grid System

Off Grid Systems are for locations that do not have access to the local power grid or for individuals that do not want to be connected to the grid. Usually these systems will include batteries to store energy for power when the sun is not shining, and a back-up generator. These systems are more expensive than grid tied systems and the batteries will require maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced.

Hybrid System

Hybrid Systems are grid tied but also have a battery bank in case the grid goes down and there is no power available from the electric utility. The battery bank is not sized to run the whole house. A separate panel box is installed that holds dedicated cicuits such as freezer/refrigerator, lights and fans in certain rooms, radio, tablets/laptops/cellphones charging. Similar to Off Grid Systems, these systems

Solar Thermal

Solar Hot Water Systems are the most efficient and economical of all solar technologies. Water heating, on average, accounts for up to 30% of your electric bill.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating Systems can extend your swimming season two to three months in the Spring and two to three months in the Fall. Also, during the summer, when the pool can get too hot, the system may actually be used to cool your pool.

Service & Maintenance

Removal & Remount of Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Prior to Reroof :
Inspect system and ensure it is functioning properly
Ensure proper system shut down
Remove Solar modules, piping, insulation, and electrical device/wires from roof
Properly seal all penetrationsAfter installation of new roof :
Clean panels prior to installation
Reinstall panels with new flashing
Rewire panels and sensors properly securing wires and/or trunk cable
Re pipe collectors and provide new insulation
Rewire roof box, ground and bond all equipment
Restart system and perform multipoint system check

Inspection Services

If you are in need of an inspection in your existing home or if you are buying a home with an existing system, Clear Sky Solar can provide technicians that will ensure that the system is working properly and at peak performance and complies to local codes and regulations.

Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your panels/collectors clean you will get optimal returns from your system. The experts at Clear Sky Solar provide system cleaning and maintenance so your system is always functioning at peak performance.